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Zuijderland, Marcel

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NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 25/06/2009

Athletes should have doping rights

The Dutch government has called for fitness and sport clubs to impose sanctions on athletes who take forbidden substances to build up muscle mass and improve their performance. This is nonsense, writes philosopher and journalist Marcel Zuijderland in the liberal daily NRC Handelsblad: "Sport is about optimising performance. Athletes are interested in technologies that boost their performance. This includes all kinds of sophisticated training, nutrition and material methods, but also chemical and biological performance-enhancing substances. Doping is inextricably tied up with sport. This has always been and always will be the case. … What counts is not the illusion of 'fair play' but the individual's right to determine what he does with his body. That right should not be put in the hands of doping authorities, and certainly not in those of the government. The athlete decides for himself how far he wants to go."

NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | 30/01/2009

A false image of Stauffenberg

The film "Valkyrie" about Claus von Stauffenberg's plot to kill German dictator Adolf Hitler conveys a false picture of the resistance fighter, writes philosopher Marcel Zuijderland in the liberal daily NRC Handelsblad. According to him Stauffenberg despised the Weimar Republic as much as he despised the Nazis. "This is why Stauffenberg didn't plan to introduce democracy with this 1944 plot. He was a reactionary who wanted to restore Germany's aristocracy to its former status. And Tom Cruise in the leading role doesn't give a truthful portrayal of the true Stauffenberg. … Only off-stage can Cruise be compared with Stauffenberg. Just as Stauffenberg felt close to the sect-like circle around [the poet Stefan] George, for years Tom Cruise has been a fanatic supporter and a great advertisement for the Church of Scientology. But that's where the similarities end. … Berthold Graf von Stauffenberg, Stauffenberg's oldest son, quite rightly pointed out that it was sick for a supporter of a totalitarian ideology to play the character of a victim of a totalitarian regime."

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