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Zouboulakis, Giannis

To Vima-Online, Greeece

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To Vima Online - Greece | 18/03/2013

Greeks' sham correctness after Nazi salute

The Greek football association suspended the footballer Giorgos Katidis for life from all national teams on Sunday. Katidis had given a Nazi salute the previous day after scoring the winning goal for his club AEK Athens. It's hypocritical to condemn Nazism in sports but not in politics, the liberal online daily To Vima writes: "Would Katidis have dared to salute this way if the Greek people hadn't given such strong support to Golden Dawn in the last elections? I don't think he would have, and I don't think he would ever have become a Nazi either. Why do we get so worked up when we are the ones who have allowed Nazism to thrive on our soil? We let it become stronger and stronger, and now it's a monster. ... But we've always been a hypocritical society, right? On the one hand we tolerate Nazism in parliament, and on the other we condemn it in the stadiums."

To Vima Online - Greece | 19/12/2012

Greeks taking part in Eurovision hypocritical

The Greek public television broadcaster ERT needs to drastically cut its spending. The government has therefore decided that the broadcaster should not participate in the funding of the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. ERT general director Johnny Kalimeris is nonetheless looking for private sponsors to ensure Greece's participation in the contest. The left-liberal online paper To Vima does not approve: "Is it the sponsors that are the problem, rather than the shame? Doesn't Mr Kalimeris understand that it would be a disgrace for Greece to take part in the Song Contest, whether it's backed by one sponsor or one hundred? Is it so hard to comprehend that it would be a huge provocation to make a resplendent appearance with songs and dancing, as if nothing were wrong, when there are more than 850,000 people out of work in Greece? … Worse than deceitful and hypocritical, it would also be a huge mistake. The Greeks will never change. All that matters is that the show goes on, even if we have nothing to eat afterwards."

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