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Zord, Gábor László

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Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 18/04/2013

The West's double standards on terrorism

In view of the bomb attacks in Boston, the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet concludes that the West applies a double standard when it comes to terrorism: "Experience shows that terrorist attacks in which a handful of people are killed (or wounded) can have historic repercussions, while elsewhere even hundreds of dead aren't enough to attract public attention, or have any social or political impact whatsoever. It's not the same if a terror attack is carried out in the developed West or the Third World: while human life is of 'paramount importance' in the West, in the Third World it is apparently insignificant. Added to that, even unsuccessful attacks can cause a huge stir in a zone of peace, while in war zones attacks are just part of the bloody events of day-to-day life."

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 04/11/2008

The US on the brink of change

The conservative Magyar Nemzet writes that the US is on the brink of profound change: "The role of the US on the international stage stage is in for radical change. The reasons for this are not all to be found in the United States. ... On the one hand other powers [such as China] have risen quickly in recent years, while others [such as Russia] have been quick to bounce back from their short-lived powerlessness. ... Both Barack Obama and John McCain are for a moderate political line. Neither is close to the elite that is responsible for the destructive US policies of recent years. ... Both for reasons of his age and his dynamism Barack Obama seems to be more suited to the office of president. Obama has not - even to benefit his electoral campaign - hidden his readiness to engage in dialogue with those states that George W. Bush stigmatised as the 'axis of evil'. If Obama really wants to lead the US in a new direction, his major battles will have to fought at home."

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | 18/08/2008

A new European security policy

Against the background of the conflict in the Caucasus, the conservative newspaper Magyar Nemzet sees the need for a "reappraisal" of European security policy: "The EU's room to manoeuvre is best demonstrated by the fact that the role of the ambitious French president and EU Council president is currently limited to that of messenger. ... We must dispel the illusions that established themselves in the heads of Western decision makers at the end of the Cold War which resulted in overly optimistic and flawed security policy. And above all, Europe too must rid itself of these illusions. ... The countries of Central Eastern Europe must not turn their backs on historical experience, and it would be wrong to expect them to do so. If the Russians have 'paranoid views', why shouldn't they? ... Today the decisive question for the countries of Eastern Europe is whether the EU can implement an effective and uniform security policy within the foreseeable future, one that provides protection from growing Russian influence in the region."

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