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Zonev, Assen

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Kapital - Bulgaria | 13/03/2008

How to build a Marshrutka

For 10 years Marshrutkas, a combination of a bus and a taxi, have been circulating on Bulgaria's roads. They operate on a certain route but stop anywhere to pick up passengers. Assen Zonev explains how to build a Marshrutka: "You buy a Ford or Renault van ... and take out the seats and put in benches instead. That creates 20 places. ... Then straps are installed to provide an additional 10 to 20 places for standing passengers. Finally, you install a methane gas engine to make transport less costly, but this doesn't stop the companies from hiking up the ticket prices every time the price of petrol goes up. What else do you need? Red stickers on the outside showing the route and a self-installed lamp to light up the bus number. And of course, drivers who drive as if they were taking part in a race and, if necessary, have no qualms about driving up pavements to get out of a traffic jam."

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