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Zöller, Martin

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Die Welt - Germany | 25/03/2008

Magdi Allam's high-profile conversion

Martin Zöller portrays Magdi Cristiano Allam, who was born Magdi Allam in Egypt and emigrated to Italy. "Magdi Allam often caused difficulties, whether he was justifying the war in Iraq, opposing the Palestinians or criticising the alleged blindness of Italian society: 'I love Italy, but do the Italians love it?' was the title of one of his books, which are testimony to the inner conflict between his Islamic origins and his closeness to Christianity. Magdi Allam made it easy for friends and foes alike: when he criticised the building of new mosques or warned of the infiltration of Muslim communities by extremists, the reactions were a foregone conclusion: more death threats from the one side and the approval of numerous dubious centre-right parties, who have recognised in him the kind of Muslim they had only dreamed of up to then: one who is critical of Islam and assimilated."

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