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Zizola, Giancarlo

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La Repubblica - Italy | 10/06/2011

Sensible Pope condemns nuclear energy

In a referendum next Sunday, the Italians will vote on Silvio Berlusconi's plans to reintroduce nuclear energy in the country. The left-liberal daily La Repubblica is therefore glad that Pope Benedict XVI has spoken out against nuclear energy at an audience with several new ambassadors: "It unexpectedly became an occasion for the Pope to reflect on the disasters that have hit 'nature, technology and peoples' in the past six months. In his warning Ratzinger avoided the apocalyptic tones of a certain conservative culture that interprets the Tsunami in Japan as 'God's punishment'. He calls for responsible action, and this highlights above all his calls for the clean energy he prefers to preserve nature's integrity and not endanger mankind's survival on this planet. According to Benedict XVI, disasters must become an instrument of shifts in political thinking, a radical revision of models for development and new lifestyles."

La Repubblica - Italy | 29/06/2010

Pope not immune against abuse charges

The Supreme Court in Washington on Monday stripped the Vatican of its diplomatic immunity. This will allow the Vatican to be called to account under civil law in connection with charges of abuse against priests in the US. The Pope responded indirectly to this in announcing his intention to found a Papal Council for a spiritual reform of the church, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica believes: "The shy intellectual, who has been in command of the Catholic Church for five years has climbed down from his ivory tower of retreat. Now at the helm he has shown a degree of determination that will surprise only the ignorant. ... The debate about the abuse scandal among the clergy and the cover-up that went all the way up to the highest ranks of the Holy See, has predictably led to unavoidable tensions within the Church leadership. Benedict XVI, clearly intends to steer further developments himself by using his proposed spiritual reform to rally the inner front to adopt a unified line. He is thus going way beyond any general moralizing measures."

- | 10/02/2010

The Vatican needs reform

In the case of the smear campaign against journalist Dino Boffo, the Vatican has refuted all knowledge of the matter. The left-liberal daily La Repubblica bemoans the Church's lack of willingness to reform and compares the current tensions with the Papal Schism of Avignon: "Few things do more harm to the vitality of the Church and its spiritual wealth than the depths of Avignon into which the credibility of the central government of the Church has sunk. With its official letter the Secretariat of State hoped to put an end to this detrimental downhill slide. ... The answer from above to this crisis ... appears at least for the present to entail the renouncement of all prospects of reform, yet only they could improve the state of the Church. In the times of Avignon Saint Catherine of Siena called on Pope Gregory XI to uproot the weeds and the stinking flowers full of dirt and greed and arrogance and banish the bad shepherds from the garden of the Church. It was not only a spiritual reform the Saint was fighting for but also a structural one."

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