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Zingeris, Markas

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Lrytas - Lithuania | 06/08/2012

Zero tolerance for racism at Olympics

A Lithuanian fan has been sentenced to pay a fine in London for allegedly having made the Nazi salute among other gestures at an Olympic basketball match between Lithuania and Nigeria. The man has said his gesture was misunderstood. The director of the Vilnius Centre for Tolerance, Markas Zingeris, welcomes the zero tolerance policy at the Olympic Games on web portal "The Lithuanian fan with the yellow-green-red wig [the Lithuanian colours], who not only gesticulated vulgarly but also imitated the sound of apes, was not the only one to be fined for racism. Two Olympic athletes are in the same situation. There were reports about the Greek triple jumper Parakskevi Papachristou, who was prevented from competing - because of racist tweets -, and also about the German rower Nadja Drygalla. For those who blindly defend the Lithuanian fan, the latter case is hard to believe. The 23-year old rower herself has nothing to do with racism. ... But out of respect for the zero tolerance policy, every comparable case, even a rather harmless one like Mr. Leščinskas' [the Lithuanian fan], must be immediately punished."

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