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Zikou, Zeza

Kathimerini, Epikaira, Greece

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1.  Kathimerini - Greece | 09/07/2013

Zeza Zikou on the erosion of democracy in Europe

Columnist Zeza Zikou of the conservative daily Kathimerini presents her analysis of how the debt crisis in Europe is eroding democracy in the southern nations: ... » more

2.  Kathimerini - Greece | 23/05/2013

Greeks no better off than in 2010

According to figures released by the Greek Finance Ministry, the country's public debt amounted to 309 billion euros at the end of March. This is ... » more

3.  Kathimerini - Greece | 23/04/2013

Troika gave Greece three black years

It was three years ago on Tuesday that Greece first applied for a bailout. The conservative daily Kathimerini looks back on this grim period: "Three ... » more

4.  Kathimerini - Greece | 24/02/2013

Anastasiades' dangerous pact with Merkel

The new Cypriot president is popular in Berlin not just because of his adherence to the austerity policy, the conservative daily Kathimerini notes, fearing that ... » more

5.  Kathimerini - Greece | 23/10/2012

Zeza Zikou sees Europe's democracy on the brink of collapse

The cause of the Greek economic crisis is to be found in Europe's identity crisis, columnist Zeza Zikou writes in the conservative daily Kathimerini: "It ... » more

6.  Kathimerini - Greece | 13/03/2012

Better rating won't help Greeks

A few days after the Greek debt-swap deal Fitch has become the first rating agency to upgrade Greece's credit standing, lifting it to a B-rating ... » more

7.  Epikaira - Greece | 05/01/2012

Papademos terrorising the Greeks

Greece's Prime Minister Lucas Papademos on Thursday talked of the country facing an "uncontrolled national bankruptcy" and called on the Greeks to accept salary cuts ... » more

8.  Kathimerini - Greece | 18/09/2011

Greece facing threat of civil war

The Greek Minister of Finance Evangelos Venizelos reiterated the Greek government's resolve to implement further spending cuts at the EU finance ministers' meeting in Poland. ... » more

9.  Kathimerini - Greece | 30/06/2011

Merkel's harsh stance exposes egoism

The Greek parliament's approval of the austerity programme has brought the stabilisation of the euro "a big step forward" according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. ... » more

10.  Kathimerini - Greece | 24/06/2011

Greek opposition leader not to blame

Angela Merkel and other European heads of government on Thursday criticised Antonis Samaras, the conservative leader of the opposition in Greece, because his party rejects ... » more


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