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Ziener, Markus

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 26/09/2012

Obama really means it

The liberal business paper Handelsblatt warns not to play down Obama's stern words to Iran as pure campaign rhetoric: "Word has is that the cool analyst in the White House has run out of patience with Iran. Yet it's not even four years ago that Obama stretched out a hand to Iran when he was sworn into office. And he didn't withdraw it even when the regime there showed its true face during the protests of spring 2009, beating up the supporters of the Green Revolution and locking them away. ... But this president has little in common with the Obama of 2009. Obama is waging drone wars, authorising murder commandos and coming to terms with the fact that Guantanamo prison camp still exists. Barack Obama may have once been naive but he's certainly not now. ... Tehran would do well to take the US president's warnings seriously."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 29/06/2011

European predominance over anyway

Despite the nomination of the Frenchwoman Christine Lagarde as managing director of the IMF, the Europeans must bid farewell to their position of supremacy in the Fund, the liberal business paper Handelsblatt comments: "Because more than any of her predecessors, she will have to represent the changed equilibrium in the global economy. In the final analysis it's the emerging countries that have been accounting for growth in recent years, while most industrialised countries can't shake off the economic slump. Consequently Lagarde cannot act as the voice of Europe in the Fund, but only as that of economic reason - independently of where crises are taking place at any given moment. That means her handling of the shaken Eurozone will come under close scrutiny. And because she's not blind to that fact, the last thing we can expect from her is preferential treatment for Europe."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 01/11/2010

Terrorist threat gives Obama a boost

The failed parcel bomb attacks against US President Barack Obama have given him the chance to present himself as a convincing supreme commander ahead of the US midterm election, writes the liberal business paper Handelsblatt: "The Tea Party fundamentalists dream of an America that focuses mainly on itself and stays out of international affairs. … Basically they want isolation instead of globalisation - in the hope that this will limit the country's problems and make them easier to resolve. Obama - as well as the anxious Republican establishment - stand for an America that faces these global challenges, assumes responsibility and if necessary is willing to pay a high price for this. ... Those who support the thesis that the US has a global responsibility should be content with Obama because for all his failure to show authentic empathy in the economic crisis he has delivered a convincing and well planned performance in global crises."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 05/11/2008

The strength for new beginnings

The daily Handelsblatt praises the United States' decision in the elections. "It is a skill for which the world envies this country: it is always capable of self-renewal. ... Where other nations confronted with crises and war prefer to play it safe and avoid risk, America does the opposite. It is putting its faith in a man who represents hope and change - with all the opportunities and risks this entails. Not only have the citizens of the US elected an African-American as president for the first time ever, they have voted for a break with the past and a new beginning."

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