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Zieliński, Michał

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Polska - Poland | 17/04/2009

Poland wants more of the Ukrainian EURO pie

The daily Polska takes a critical yet positive view of the visit by Michel Platini, president of the Union of European Football Associations, to Poland and Ukraine in the run-up to the planned EURO 2012 football championship. UEFA had sharply criticised both hosts for construction delays: "The whole excitement surrounding the visit was just artificial diplomacy. ... Nevertheless practically everything could be read between the lines, and that's a good thing. We've stopped thinking about whether they'll take the championship away from us, and spend all our time wondering if we can reach an agreement with Ukraine. ... Platini has let on that Ukraine is delayed compared to Poland, and that the game locations may be divided between the two countries with a ratio of 6:2. Our government, PL 2012 [the company responsible for organising the event in Poland] and the Polish Football Association go on talking diplomatically about a ratio of 4:4. But behind the scenes they're fighting to get a bigger slice of the Ukrainian pie."

Wprost Online - Poland | 18/06/2008

Slovakia to convert to the euro

The European Parliament on Tuesday agreed the introduction of the euro in Slovakia on January 1, 2009. Wprost 24, the online platform of the news magazine Wprost, sees this as unfair. "Slovakia trails behind Poland according to all criteria, but receives praise while Poland is rebuked. Moreover, Slovakia's inflation rate is at 6.2 percent (compared to 3.9 percent in Poland). That is almost double the stipulated limit. Yet despite this and despite the protests of certain German MEPs who simply cannot understand how 6.2 percent can be less than 3.2 percent, Slovakia is recieving a hearty welcome to Euroland. There is one simple reason for this: Slovakia is being rewarded for its willingness to join the Euro zone (and that willingness is important, especially after the referendum on the Treaty in Ireland) while Poland is being punished for a few stupid remarks our politicians made about the single currency."

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