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Zianzi, Marianna

Kathimerini, Greece

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Kathimerini - Cyprus | 05/05/2011

Death of a tireless Greek

Actor Thanassis Vengos, one of Greece's best comedians, has died aged 84. He always played the role of the indefatigable Greek who rushes around trying to help others. Vengo's era ended a long time ago, writes the conservative daily Kathimerini, and asks who could replace the artist now: "Thanassis Vengos put paid to the stereotype of the Greek who sits around in cafes all day long and seeks refuge in a government job. He was the one who raced not only for his own success but that of others, too. ... In these times of austerity packages, which film or television character could symbolise today's Greek, who alternates between patience, resignation and also a silent rage and who (hopefully only for the time being) has forgotten how to laugh?"

Kathimerini - Greece | 14/09/2009

Marianna Zianzi on modern poverty

In the Sunday edition of Greek daily I Kathimerini Marianna Zianzi reflects on modern poverty: "Once it was those who went barefoot who were poor. Nowadays a member of the middle classes can describe himself as poor if he can't afford private lessons for his children. … Modern poverty can be invisible. … It's doubtful whether this or future difficulties will bring us to revise our values and priorities and produce a society characterised by more humaneness, spirituality and solidarity. … For many decades the motto has been: 'borrow money, spend money, take care of yourself'. Clever consumers, clever candidates, clever lenders. A clever pupil is not he who reads poetry and other books that have nothing to do with his classes but one who stays true to his private lessons programme. And a clever adult is he who masters the challenges."

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