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Zhekov, Ventsislav

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3 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Bulgaria | 01/01/2014

Don't fear the archaic Bulgarians

The distrust of Bulgarians in countries like Britain and Germany also has a cultural explanation, the daily writes: "The typical Western European fears the typical Bulgarian. Instinctively he doesn't trust him, and feels irritated by his character and direct, open demeanour. The typical Bulgarian is aware of his archaic tradition. That makes him dangerous for the West because his lust for life can seriously call the status quo into question. Europe is afraid of us because we're different, because we've lived differently in the past, and because we have long had a very different perception of the world. But that is no reason to hate, or even fear us. After all, we're people too, and we've got something to offer." - Bulgaria | 19/12/2013

Poverty changes hospitality into hatred

According to a survey put out by the opinion research centre Exacta, just under 60 percent of Bulgarians are against Bulgaria taking in refugees. Roughly 10,000 asylum seekers from Syria and other crisis areas are currently in the country. The news portal wonders what has become of Bulgaria's famous hospitality: "As it turns out, our society isn't as tolerant as we - or others - believed. At some point we started hating foreigners without even noticing it. And it didn't start with the refugee problem. Over the years so much hatred has built up under the misery we live in - hatred against the state, the government, the politicians - that without knowing it we've started to hate ourselves. Now all of a sudden we have the possibility to hate someone else - namely the refugees. And we're only too happy to do so: if only so we hate ourselves a little less." - Bulgaria | 03/12/2013

Bulgaria gives in to smoking lobby

Bulgaria's government wants to lift the total smoking ban in bars and restaurants by the end of the year. The ban, which was introduced in June 2012, is not observed in any event and so might just as well be scrapped, a member of the governing Socialist Party said on Tuesday. By the same logic murder could also go unpunished, the news portal points out: "Such a statement sounds strange coming from a parliamentarian, to say the least. If a murder isn't punished, does that mean the criminal code is useless and should be abolished? Then let's legalise murder! People have grown used to not being able to smoke in restaurants. Even the smokers have accepted it. Why in the world should the total smoking ban be eased? In whose interest? This all smacks of lobbyism, mixed with a good dose of populism."

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