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Zhang, Junhua

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 01/07/2011

Junhua Zhang on the obsolete notions of China's leadership

The Chinese Communist Party will celebrate its 90th anniversary today with much pomp. But the Chinese leadership's recipe for success  - combining economic liberalism and political authority - is not sustainable, writes Junhua Zhang, professor of political science at China's Zhejiang University, in the conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung: "China's image is improving in Europe because it is now stepping in to bail out some bankrupt EU states. Domestically, however, China is in a critical phase itself. The country is in urgent need of a breakthrough, both economically and politically. However the state leadership lacks the necessary vision, and even a certain readiness to take on risk. But that cannot be expected from the current administration under Hu Jintao. ... If the next leadership [which will take office in 2012] maintains the status quo, only two options are open for China's future: either a version of the Arab Spring or the mafiaisation of society. Simply from the perspective of the global economy, neither of these two options would be a good outcome. The world thus awaits a second Deng Xiaoping."

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