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Zervas, Christos

Eleftherotypia, Greece

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Eleftherotypia - Greece | 03/08/2011

Athens vilifies Greek taxi drivers

The Greek taxi drivers' trade union decided on Wednesday to prolong a strike that has gone on for more than two weeks until at least Saturday because the government refuses to meet its core demands. The left-liberal daily Eleftherotypia voices understanding for the strike: "The extravagant statements about liberalising the markets, boosting competitiveness and promoting growth only conceal the fact that the family silver is being flogged off, the public sector is being sold to private investors, employee rights are being curtailed and only a wealthy minority will benefit from the new direction the economy is taking. The 'taxi driver caste' is just one side of the coin. The other is that the ruling elite want to vilify and marginalise all the strikers. A discredited trade union leadership will have no influence on the state authority. And it will be deprived of its right to oppose government decisions."

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