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Zemmour, Eric

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Le Figaro - France | 17/09/2015

No one is protecting France's companies, Eric Zemmour complains

France is powerless to prevent the takeover of its most successful firms by foreign companies, journalist and author Eric Zemmour criticises in the conservative daily Le Figaro: "Our leaders have plunged us into the great flood of globalisation with no more than a rubber duck for protection - while the others have snorkels and flippers. The Anglo Saxons have the pension funds which we refused in order to preserve our pensioners from the fears of the stock market. We've never had the regional banks of the Germans, nor the family structure of the Italians. All our competitors have practically inexhaustible resources. We have a single trump, a single weapon: the state. For better or for worse. We have frivolously followed the dictates of fashion and transformed it into a structure that is as obese as it is powerless; that has lost its legitimacy, its authority and its acumen. And we haven't found anything to replace it. Without a 'godfather', our big corporations have fallen prey to American, European, Chinese and other predators. What we're left with is the worst of liberalism and the worst of socialism."

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