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Zelnik, Patrick

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Le Monde - France | 28/04/2009

Yes to copyright piracy law

The French parliament has rejected the draft law "Création et Internet" against copyright piracy in an initial vote. The law prescribes among other punishments the interruption of Internet services for copyright pirates. In the daily Le Monde music entrepreneurs Parick Zelnik and Rémi Bouton argue that the controversial law should be adopted: "This law represents the first step on the way to constructing a courageous digital cultural policy, and the responsible thing to do is support it. Businesspeople in the cultural sector invest their own capital and run many risks, and they couldn't survive if their investments weren't worth it. ... The 'channels' [exchanges] are the ones that are growing richer, at the expense of artists and producers. It is indispensable that the Internet be regulated, unless of course you believe that every product that can be digitalised, copied and exchanged should simply be free."

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