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Zeller, Bernd

Blog Achse des Guten

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Die Achse des Guten - Germany | 06/09/2009

The armies must de-Talibanise

According to various sources more than 125 people were killed in Afghanistan on Friday of last week in an air strike ordered by Germany on two fuel trucks. Bernd Zeller comments in the authors' blog Die Achse des Guten on the German discussion over the legitimacy of the attack: "The major objection against the war in Afghanistan is that you can't export or decree democracy and freedom. That's true, it didn't work here either. The Germans, hooked on subordination as they are, submitted to the dictates of democracy and acted as if the Third Reich were awfully embarrassing for them only as long as the occupation forces controlled the system and watched over the de-Nazification processes. ... If you have to be attacked before you can take action it's not really a war at all. Unfortunately that's the problem we're dealing with. The armies must go through a de-Talibanisation process. But oh no, that won't work because you couldn't tell it apart from de-Islamisation, and what a fuss that would cause! But frankly, are we defending freedom in the Hindu Kush or not?"

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