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Zeches, Léon

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Luxemburger Wort - Luxembourg | 25/08/2009

The thunderbolt still reverberates

"The 'thunderbolt from Moscow' still reverberates in today's world," writes the daily Luxemburger Wort about the Hitler-Stalin Pact. "As a warning: for where there are unjust regimes, dictatorships of all colours, disregard for human rights and nations' rights, where morals, dignity and political decency are treated cynically the demonic grins of [Adolf] Hitler and [Joseph] Stalin, the twentieth century's worst criminals, are smirking in the background. Thank God that up to now they have had no successor to match the extent of their savagery. But their perfidious spirit - they were enemies in their ideological opposition but allies in their mutually beneficial atrocities - still prevails today in some states whose regimes don't appreciate the values of universally peaceful coexistence. There are other rogue regimes. [Former US president George W.] Bush was criticised because he called a spade a spade. But unfortunately he was right."

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