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Zdort, Dominik

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 11/04/2012

Tusk fuels conspiracy theories

During ceremonies marking the second anniversary of the Smolensk plane crash on Tuesday, the leader of the national-conservative Polish opposition party PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, supported the theory that the crash was the result of a conspiracy. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita blames Prime Minister Donald Tusk for allowing the public to believe Kaczyński: "Certainly one doesn't have to believe the suspicions. … Nor should we forget that it was none less than Donald Tusk who supplied the leader of the PiS with his arguments in the first place. The prime minister and his cabinet adopted the strategy of ignoring both the wildest conspiracy theories and entirely rational sounding hypotheses. Even the serious doubts regarding Polish and Russian officials that emerged after the tragedy were brushed aside all too lightly. In addition there were obvious, poorly engineered attempts to manipulate public opinion which were therefore quickly exposed for what they were."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 22/03/2010

Media hype about abuse cases

The media is blowing the scandal over the cases of abuse within the Catholic Church out of all proportion, writes the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita and praises Pope Benedict's pastoral letter as a fitting reaction: "It is particularly painful when a person who one held in high esteem, like a family member or a priest, causes such pain. But the thesis put forward by the media that paedophilia is a crime for which the Church is responsible or typical of members of the clergy is nothing but a lie. The theory that there is a connection between paedophilia and practicing celibacy has been described as absurd by experts. They also say that of all paedophile offenders only a couple of percent belong to the clergy. The majority of such cases take place in a domestic environment. This makes the resolute reaction of Benedict XVI all the more crucial."

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