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Zatterin, Marco

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1.  La Stampa - Italy | 31/07/2013

Mediator Ashton successful in Egypt

The EU's foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton met with ousted president Mohammed Morsi at an unknown location at the end of her Egypt trip. Her ... » more

2.  La Stampa - Italy | 17/07/2013

Internships exploit youth unemployment

Interns are set to stage a "sandwich protest" at lunchtime today, Wednesday, outside the EU parliament in Brussels, to draw attention to their poor working ... » more

3.  La Stampa - Italy | 27/05/2013

Even without deficit procedure Italy must save

The European Commission will decide on Wednesday how to proceed with member states in breach of the EU deficit rules. Since Italy is likely to ... » more

4.  La Stampa - Italy | 09/01/2012

Cameron causes stances to harden

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday reiterated his rejection of a European financial transaction tax as long as it is not introduced globally. This ... » more

5.  Blog A Europa desalinhada - Portugal | 04/08/2011

Fukushima calls for coal's renaissance

The nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima has dampened interest in nuclear power in many countries. Since renewable energies can't cover energy requirements many countries are relying ... » more

6.  La Stampa - Italy | 22/02/2011

More space for laying hens

The EU agricultural ministers decided on Monday that as of next year laying hens must have 750 square centimetres to move in instead of the ... » more

7.  La Stampa - Italy | 09/02/2011

The non-existent pact

European Council President Herman Van Rompuy denied the existence of a "pact for more competitiveness" before the European Parliament in Brussels on Tuesday. The liberal ... » more

8.  La Stampa - Italy | 24/01/2011

Internet helps protest to succeed

Five students called the protest march in Brussels. They have succeeded where politicians have failed for months, writes the liberal daily La Stampa, namely in ... » more

9.  La Stampa - Italy | 04/01/2011

The downside of EU rotation

The danger that Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orbán's conservative policies could catch on in other countries should not be underestimated, writes the liberal daily La ... » more

10.  La Stampa - Italy | 22/12/2010

A bad start to EU presidency

Hungary could hardly have chosen a worse way to launch into its EU Council presidency, writes the liberal daily La Stampa commenting on the country's ... » more


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