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Zarev, Vladimir

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Trud - Bulgaria | 01/02/2014

Vladimir Zarev wants a just society in Bulgaria

Glaring inequality is one of the biggest problems in Bulgarian society, writes author Vladimir Zarev in an interview with the daily Trud: "There is a gaping divide between poor and rich. There are too many rich people who don't deserve to be rich yet continue to amass more and more wealth. And there are too many poor people who don't deserve to be marginalised and have to fight merely to survive. Restoring justice would mean giving these people the chance to lead a normal life through honest work. The sense of prosperity and having a future would return. The majority of emigrants would return, because believe me, no matter where a Bulgarian goes, he always feels like a foreigner. He misses his language, the country, the light and the smiles of people in Bulgaria."

Trud - Bulgaria | 18/09/2013

Bulgaria should be thankful for Syrian influx

More than 2,000 refugees have fled to Bulgaria via Turkey since the outbreak of the Syrian civil war. After their arrival most of them are locked up for months in reception facilities. Instead of fearing the new arrivals Bulgarians should welcome them with open arms, the author Vladimir Zarev writes in the daily Trud: "Just think of the hundreds of empty villages and the thousands of hectares of abandoned fields just waiting to be worked again. ... Certainly, I can understand the worries of my impoverished fellow citizens who've suffered through this oppressive, never-ending crisis for years thanks to our corrupt and incompetent political class, and who see no prospects for themselves or their children. Nevertheless I'm convinced that instead of keeping the thousands of refugees behind bars where they have to be fed three square meals a day, it would be better for everyone to grant them citizenship as quickly as possible and fully benefit from their qualities as humans."

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