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Zapata, Guillermo

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Blog Madrilonia - Spain | 27/03/2013

Protests outside politicians' homes legitimate

The Spanish ruling conservative People's Party on Monday condemned a new form of protest in Spain called "escrache" in which citizens demonstrate outside the private residences of politicians who oppose a ban on evictions. The left-leaning online paper Madrilonia defends the demonstrators: "The 'escraches' are legitimate because there is a movement behind them that has a genuine purpose. The paranoid stories about uncontrollable protests are fabricated and ridiculous. Nothing is better organised than an 'escrache'. And no one is more aware of the boundaries that should not be overstepped than those who participate in them, precisely because a consensus has been reached on which boundaries are to be overstepped: namely those separating the public from the private sphere. This is why the demonstrators stand outside the door but don't go beyond it. All these symbolic details confer legitimacy and on this movement as an ethical form of protest. Any comparison with evictions only highlights the obvious: with evictions, the border between the public and the private is violated to the utmost degree and in a brutal manner."

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