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Zantonelli, Franco

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La Repubblica - Italy | 21/03/2011

Switzerland welcomes foreign sperm donors

The Swiss canton of Tessin is desperately seeking sperm donors. One reason for the sudden shortage of donors is a new law, writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The Swiss fertility centres are running out of sperm, so they're enlisting donors from abroad, mainly from neighbouring countries. They're luring potential sperm donors across the border with lots of money. An Italian who lives very close to Tessin, where centres for artificial insemination are springing up like mushrooms, can earn up to 5,000 Swiss francs this way. ... The reason for the search for donors is no doubt a new Swiss law. ... The law - apart from limiting the number of children a single donor may produce to eight - has revoked the anonymity clause for donors. This is deterring many Swiss from donating their sperm to the sperm bank."

La Repubblica - Italy | 25/08/2010

Referendums work to populists' advantage

Emotions play a key role in petitions for referendums like that only just stopped in Switzerland on reintroducing the death penalty, writes the left-liberal La Repubblica, noting however that in contrast to the referendum on a minaret ban "no party, not even Christoph Blocher's right-wing Swiss People's Party, has wasted a single word on the reintroducion of the death penalty. Nonetheless, Christian Democratic President Christoph Darbellay fears that referendums, the pride of the Swiss people, could increasingly work to the benefit of extremists and populists. All the more so since [the initiator of the petition] Marcel Graf is hitting a sore spot with the fight against paedophilia."

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