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Zanders, Maris

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1.  Diena - Latvia | 26/05/2015

Latvia wants a president who speaks English

The Latvian parliament elects a new president on June 3. Of the four candidates Defence Minister Raimond Veijonis and ECJ judge Egils Levtis have the ... » more

2.  Diena - Latvia | 07/05/2015

Latvia must take in migrants

The Latvian parliament on Thursday started a debate on whether to take in refugees. The country has yet to adopt a clear stance on the ... » more

3.  Diena - Latvia | 23/04/2015

Don't lump all Russians together on May 9

The celebrations on May 9 marking the anniversary of the end of World War II remain controversial in Latvia. Every year hundreds of Russians celebrate ... » more

4.  Diena - Latvia | 07/04/2015

Loyal Russians sought for new TV programme

After Latvia's National Electronic Media Council gave its approval for a new Russian-language TV station the liberal daily Diena wonders who will be responsible for ... » more

5.  Diena - Latvia | 27/03/2015

Latvia right to introduce the euro

Latvia's Economics Minister Dana Reizniece-Ozola said in a televised interview this week that the Baltic state would have avoided a financial disaster even if it ... » more

6.  Diena - Latvia | 30/09/2014

Latvian elections really can change things

Latvians will elect a new parliament on Sunday. According to surveys one in five of those entitled to vote still doesn't know which party to ... » more

7.  Diena - Latvia | 30/11/2013

Tragedy leaves Latvia with weak government

Latvia needs a new government following the resignation of Latvian prime minister Valdis Dombrovskis after a supermarket collapsed. But that government won't be able to ... » more

8.  Diena - Latvia | 15/05/2013

TV debates in Latvia a bore

Ahead of the local elections in Latvia on June 1, the TV debates began on Monday, taking the place of the TV election commercials that ... » more

9.  Diena - Latvia | 10/05/2013

May 9 symbolises Latvia's division

Around 150,000 Russians celebrated the liberation from National Socialism in Riga on Thursday. For the Latvian population the date is also a source of pain, ... » more


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