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Zampaglione, Arturo

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La Repubblica - Italy | 30/07/2009

A new chapter

"The announcement yesterday [Wednesday] of a ten-year alliance between the software giant Microsoft and Yahoo opens a new chapter in the major duel between Microsoft and Google to rule the world of computers," writes the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: "The aim of the agreement is to boost Bing, Microsoft's new search engine, and to relaunch Internet advertising in order to challenge Google's supremacy. ... Until now Google's dominance was undisputed. But the launch of the search engine Bing, which many people say is a match for Google, has fundamentally changed the situation. ... The alliance between Microsoft and Yahoo will now be examined by the monopolies commissions in Washington and Brussels. ... Google will try to throw a spanner in the works of its rivals in the hope of preserving the status quo."

La Repubblica - Italy | 15/07/2009

Profit with a bitter aftertaste

The left-liberal daily La Repubblica warns that the news of Goldman Sachs' robust profit should be taken with a pinch of salt: "Goldman Sachs received 10 billion dollars from TARP [The US government's Troubled Asset Relief Program]. Now the wind has changed. Not only did Goldman Sachs repay the loan a month ago but it is also once again resting on its old laurels. But the worrying thing about this is the accretion of 11.4 billion dollars in the first quarter that were necessary to pay the golden loan. … A further aspect that will fuel discussions is that Goldman Sachs was able to finance its speculative activities thanks to a policy giving it access to cheap loans. These [loans] were intended to boost the economy and consequently employment. But in the case of Goldman Sachs they led to massive profits."

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