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Zambrano, Justo

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El Mundo - Spain | 16/10/2008

Justo Zambrano on the return of the past

In the daily El Mundo Justo Zambrano, an advisor in the Spanish Interior Ministry, compares the economic crises of the past: "After 30 glorious (and Keynsian) years of social democratic hegemony after the Second World War, there followed 30 further years in which the [world] stage was dominated in an equally imperialistic way - this time by neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism. But the crisis of September 2008, which will be put to the test on the first Tuesday in November, may signal the end of this phase. The metaphysics of the free market are over. The traps of the dictatorship of financial capitalism into which it has manoeuvred itself have destroyed all the codes that made it socially acceptable. And yet there is little that is new. The x-ray pictures of the last three crises resemble those of the crises that were decisive for the nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. They were crises of over-supply which went hand in hand with a concentration of capital and an unjust distribution of wealth. This is something that happens every time market capitalism is allowed a free hand because the political doctrine of non-intervention infiltrates the economy. ... It is time for the past that never disappeared to return and for societies with the help of politicians to start to determine their own future again. And this [must happen] quickly, before the planet's ecological limits make the current economic and financial crisis look like a trifling little problem."

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