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Zalka, Szilvia

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Nagyítás - Hungary | 10/06/2010

On the origins of the wine spritzer

When summer arrives in Hungary the season of the traditional wine spritzer begins. Szilvia Zalka recalls its origins in the conservative weekly Nagyítás: "My grandfather used to always drink red-wine spritzer. I can't imagine why he liked the taste. When I was a child I often had to quickly make a spritzer or a 'long step' [little wine, a lot of water] for my father when he took a break from working in the garden. … According to legend in the year 1842 András Fáy invited the poet Mihály Vörösmarty and his friends to visit his wine cellar in the village of Fót. Among the guests was the inventor of soda water, Ányos Jedlik, who had a bottle of the world's first soda water with him. To the great amazement of his host and the other guests he mixed the very first 'fröccs', which he called 'spriccer' [spritzer]. The poet Vörösmarty didn't like the German-Austrian word so he came up with the name 'fröccs'."

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