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Zalewski, Grzegorz

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 22/02/2012

Earn money on the crisis with Eurogeddon

The polish economist Krzysztof Rybiński has started up the Eurogeddon Fund, with which investors can earn money on the euro crisis. A daring but simple project, writes Grzegorz Zalewski, stock market expert at the environmental bank BOŚ, in a commentary for the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza: "Rybiński is putting his previous achievements on the line. If he is not able to sell this fund successfully he will no longer be taken seriously by his colleagues in the branch. He announced the fund that goes by the name Eurogeddon quite a while ago, but I'm disappointed at the end result. I thought this would be a project that would arouse my intellectual interest. The fact is it's a simple, not to say primitive investment fund, that earns money using short positions [loan transactions based on falling prices] or gold purchases. Quite honestly, it looks every bit like an amateur product lacking any sort of finesse."

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