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Zagner, Agnieszka

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Polityka Online - Poland | 09/05/2014

Media drop subject of Syria

In Syria the first rebels have left the city of Homs in accordance with an agreement reached with the government. But the civil war is now going largely unheeded by the media, Agnieszka Zagner criticises in the left-liberal news portal Polityka Online: "The same has happened with the war in Syria as with the protracted civil wars in other parts of the world, for example Colombia, Sudan or the Balkans: the interest of the media and their consumers and viewers has dropped systematically. First these conflicts are on the front pages, then the longer articles are replaced by shorter blurbs before they finally disappear from the headlines altogether. ... Yet the whole time nothing has changed. Not for the better, in any case. Nevertheless the amount of blood being shed could fill the front pages of the newspapers to overflowing."

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