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Zafirov, Angel

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Novinar - Bulgaria | 20/01/2011

Corrupt prime minister okay for Bulgaria

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov on Thursday won a vote of confidence in parliament, despite serious allegations of corruption. The daily Novinar is shocked at the result and complains that Bulgarians have clearly resigned themselves to corruption in their country: "No one is surprised by the members of parliament, just as we weren't surprised when they queued up for free luxury mobile telephones. Because many of us live according to the same principle: ... namely forgetting every day at every opportunity that something like that is wrong. Merely the fact that a prime minister's discussions are tapped and then heard and read by 75 percent of the population has something absurd about it. ... The fact that we don't react to such things like any other European democracy would is not the worst thing here, because clearly we're not ready for that. The really worrying thing is that we say: 'We know very well that our politicians are robbing us - that's just the way it is. There's nothing new under the sun'."

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