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Zafesova, Anna

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La Stampa - Italy | 21/05/2014

Beijing taking advantage of Putin's weakness

More than ever Beijing is dictating the rules of cooperation to Moscow, the liberal daily La Stampa observes: "Vladimir Putin is no longer welcome in the West so he flies to the East. ... He brought a package of over 40 bilateral agreements to the summit in Shanghai, and he stressed that Russia's most important trading partner was no longer Germany but China. But behind the veil of these harmonious statements on a 'strategic partnership' discordant tones can be heard. Once again Putin has failed to persuade Xi to sign the mega gas deal that Gazprom has been trying to seal for almost ten years. Beijing sees the contractual terms as too binding and is aware that Putin's hand is worse than ever. With a shrinking economy and the danger of being ostracised by the West, Russia has manoeuvred itself into an unusual situation. ... The Kremlin doesn't have unlimited options, and pragmatic Xi knows it."

La Stampa - Italy | 05/05/2014

Tragedy in multi-cultural Odessa

Odessa has involuntarily become a victim of the power struggle between Moscow and Kiev, the liberal daily La Stampa observes: "Odessa has no sense of belonging to either Russia or Ukraine. It is a world in itself, a hub for trade, the arts and ideas where Greeks, Armenians, Germans, Moldovans, Italians, Russians, French, Ukrainians and above all Jews peacefully coexist. ... The city smiled condescendingly at the naiveté of the Maidan revolts in Kiev and the proletarian uprisings in Donetsk. It allowed a few thousand demonstrators to march waving Ukraine's blue and yellow flag on Sundays and joked about the few hundred pro-Russian activists. ... Until an absurd tragedy drove the people of Odessa onto the streets."

La Stampa - Italy | 06/11/2008

Harsh words from Moscow

In his first state-of-the-nation address Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced that Russia would set up surface-to-surface missiles as a reaction to the planned US missile defence shield. The Italian daily La Stampa sees this as a further move towards Russia's isolation. "Even the enemies in Venezuela and Iran had hoped for a turning point. Only Dmitry Medvedev, who because he belongs to the same generation could be a good partner for Barack Obama, did not. For the young head of the Kremlin nothing seems to have changed. On the very day of Obama's election victory he has made renewed military threats in parliament. ... The Russians see the missile defence shield in Poland as a threat and Medvedev has promised to respond with an arsenal [of weapons]. ... As far as Medvedev is concerned America is also to blame for the financial crisis and the war in Georgia. Medvedev's message is unambiguous. It is the threat of a leader whose intentions are as yet unclear."

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