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Yüzak, Özlem

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Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 09/10/2015

Nobel Prize winner a model for Turkish children

Turkish-born geneticist Aziz Sancar was named one of this year's three winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry on Wednesday. In his first statement after the announcement he said that Turkey needs to do more to promote the sciences and education. The journalist Özlem Yüzak thanks him for these words in the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet: "Science has a hard time in this country, Mr Sancar. We have 200 universities but, with a few exceptions, Turkey is no longer a good country for scientific research. Once again we are seeing the faculties for subjects as important as physics or chemistry being closed down because they are considered unimportant. Not the candidates of the faculties but those of the government are appointed as rectors. We have a generation of young people that is being thrown away as if it were small change. … I hope that the right conclusions are drawn from your award and that children see you as a role model."

Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 02/07/2014

Erdoğan doesn't care about public welfare

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced his candidacy for the August 10 presidential election as expected on Tuesday. In his speech in Ankara he stressed that he had always supported the poor. However new studies reveal the contrary, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet explains: "For twelve years the same party has been in power, yet the propertyless are even more unpropertied, the poor even poorer. The inhabitants of the ghettoes have been banished from the cities. ... The AKP doesn't condemn the subcontracting system, the exploitation and the ties between employers and politicians that caused the mining tragedy in Soma. Nor is investigating the reasons behind the growing number of women murders on its agenda. Or the weaknesses of the education system and youth unemployment. ... If Erdoğan is elected he will create a new Turkey. … His goals are not the interests of the people, but only his own."

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