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Yücel, Deniz

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Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 02/04/2014

West must treat Turkey like a banana republic

The Turkish opposition has uncovered irregularities in the local elections in several cities and filed complaints with the electoral commissions on Tuesday. Another reason for the West to redefine its relations with Turkey, the left-leaning daily taz observes: "A country that plays in the same league as Iran, China and Russia when it comes to freedom of expression and can compete with any banana republic when it comes to corruption should also be treated as such. That means the AKP leadership including [Prime Minister] Erdoğan and his entourage must be repudiated, as [Turkey correspondent] Boris Kálnoky recently put it in [the German daily] Die Welt. They must be subjected to visa bans. Their foreign accounts must be frozen. Business deals with them must be avoided. .... But it is the AKP state that must be repudiated, not Turkish society. Not all those who watched over the counting of votes on the night of the election, who are still fighting for a correct count, and who represent what Europe wants to be."

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | 03/11/2011

Erdoğan not focused on German Turks

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan demanded more support for his country's bid to join the EU during his visit to Germany on Monday. He pointed out that Germany was particularly duty-bound to help Turkey because of the German-Turkish recruitment agreement signed 50 years ago. Writing for the left-leaning paper die tageszeitung journalist Deniz Yücel finds Erdoğan untrustworthy: "Ten years ago he ran for office under the claim that he wanted to democratise political Islam and turn Turkey into a democratic country. ... But whether it's the conflict with the Kurds, freedom of opinion or the situation of Christians in Turkey - in most points Erdoğan has never gone beyond pompous proclamations. And since the dethroning of the Kemalist establishment he no longer has anti-reformist forces as an excuse. With his tirade against assimilation as a 'crime against humanity' Erdoğan has shown his true colours: he's not concerned about the rights of the individual, he wants individuals to be unquestioning members of a collective, of 'Turkishness', of Islam. ... No, Mr Erdogan, we don't belong together."

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