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Younge, Gary

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 02/06/2013

Trial against whistleblower is immoral

The court martial of soldier Bradley Manning is set to begin today. Manning had leaked classified documents to the whistle-blowing platform Wikileaks. These included a video showing the killing of twelve civilians, among them two journalists, by US helicopter attacks in Iraq. It's a disgrace that Manning is facing a life sentence, the left-liberal daily The Guardian writes: "The men who killed innocents, thereby stoking legitimate grievances across the globe and fanning the flames of resistance, are free to kill another day and the man who exposed them is behind bars. … In this world, murder is not the crime; unmasking and distributing evidence of it is. To insist that Manning's disclosure put his military colleagues in harm's way is a bit like a cheating husband claiming that his partner reading his diary, not the infidelity, is what is truly imperilling their marriage. ... If Manning is an enemy of the state then so too is truth"

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