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Yotinski, Plamen

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Trud - Bulgaria | 02/07/2011

Go away Gaddafi!

The Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi has threatened to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe if Nato continues its air strikes in Libya. But Europe has demonstrated several times over that it is not afraid of Gaddafi, writes the daily Trud, putting the dictator in his place. "That won't get you anywhere, comrade Gaddafi! ... Europe has never been afraid of you. Certain people may have buttered you up because of your damned oil, including Brits and Americans. But all that's over now! How many years did you spend fraternising with the terrorists of the IRA? Who blew up the Berlin disco La Belle? Wasn't it one of yours who put a bomb in the Pan Am flight, killing 270 people? And what did you get out of it all, apart from delighting in your 'success'? What was it all for? Can't you understand that it's over now? Go! Disappear to wherever you want to, but stop threatening Europe."

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