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Yordanov, Ruslan

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1.  Standart - Bulgaria | 11/08/2015

Bulgarian media hungry for IS terror

The Bulgarian media over the weekend spread false information about two IS fighters who had allegedly forced their way into the country and were planning ... » more

2.  Standart - Bulgaria | 25/04/2014

European election: Dirty EU election campaign in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian campaign for the European elections officially begins on Friday. In the coming weeks the focus won't be on either Europe or the real problems ... » more

3.  Standart - Bulgaria | 15/08/2013

Ex-PM Borisov discovers Facebook

Bulgaria's ex-prime minister Boyko Borisov plans to join Facebook, the daily Standart reports, speculating teasingly about his motives: "Some believe that he finally wants to ... » more

4.  Standart - Bulgaria | 03/06/2013

New elections the best solution

If the Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan does not declare his resignation soon, the wave of protest in the country will sweep him from power, the ... » more

5.  Standart - Bulgaria | 21/05/2013

Bulgaria's nationalists profit from stalemate

Bulgaria's new parliament convened for the first time on Tuesday. With the current distribution of seats neither the Socialists and the Turkish Party on the ... » more

6.  Standart - Bulgaria | 21/04/2013

Heads roll too soon in Bulgarian power sector

The heads of Bulgaria's 13 largest state-run electricity companies are being dismissed. The caretaker government's minister of economics, Assen Vassilev, announced the news on Friday. ... » more

7.  Standart - Bulgaria | 10/02/2013

Bulgarians in despair over electricity prices

Tens of thousands of people gathered on the weekend in Bulgaria to protest against the high electricity prices. They set two company cars belonging to ... » more

8.  Standart - Bulgaria | 31/07/2012

Bulgaria's desire for nuclear plant is irrational

Bulgaria's socialist BSP party on Friday presented the 770,000 signatures needed to revive the Belene nuclear power plant project in parliament. It can now initiate ... » more

9.  Standart - Bulgaria | 17/04/2012

Bulgaria must oppose ethnic violence

Rioting broke out in the Macedonian capital Skopje on Monday evening after five Macedonians were murdered near the city. Although there is still no official ... » more

10.  Standart - Bulgaria | 12/02/2012

Acta authors lose battle on the Web

Tens of thousands of Internet activists demonstrated worldwide on Saturday against the controversial Anti-Counterfeit Trading Agreement Acta. The resistance to Acta has ushered in a ... » more


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