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Yolchev, Ivaylo

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Standart - Bulgaria | 27/10/2011

Olympic champion smuggles drugs

The Bulgarian Olympic champion in weightlifting, Galabin Boevski, was arrested on Wednesday at São Paulo Airport. He had accompanied his 14-year-old daughter to a tennis tournament and attempted to smuggle nine kilograms of cocaine in her sports bag. The sports desk editor at the daily Standart Ivaylo Joltshev can't believe the news: "I refuse to believe it, as much as the facts coming out of São Paulo seem conclusive. I refuse to believe it because it doesn't make sense. Why for heaven's sake should Bulgaria's Olympic pride and joy get involved in drug trafficking, the dirtiest of all activities? And that in Brazil, home of the worst traffickers. This is how I imagine drug dealers: bare-footed young men from the favelas dressed in rags, a Kalashnikov slung over their shoulder. ... A dirty bar, Galabin, the drugs and the sports bag of a 14-year-old girl who slams tennis balls home without suspecting a thing. Why? Honestly, I'm completely baffled."

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