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Żylicz, Marek

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Fakt - Poland | 12/12/2012

EU must help Poland investigate Smolensk

Poland's Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski on Monday asked EU foreign affairs representative Catherine Ashton to help Poland in clearing up the circumstances of the Smolensk disaster, in particular by asking Moscow to hand over the wreckage of the aeroplane. The conservative tabloid Fakt sees no other option for Poland: "All (political) forces have criticised Sikorski for this request. ... On the Left [in the post-communist Democratic Left Alliance], Olesky says that Sikorsky's request is a sign of weakness, Nałęcz deems it unfitting to do such things publicly and Piskorski, who is younger than the other two, says that asking for help is absurd. On the same note, the right-wing politician Błaszczak says the whole thing is just a farce. ... Then what's the truth? If our diplomatic corps had the kind of economic clout Germany has, the wreckage would have been here long ago. But Sikorski has no choice but to dance to the Russians' tune."

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