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Yıldızoğlu, Ergin

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Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 14/12/2015

Far-right parties capitalising on fears

The Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet takes a look at why far-right parties are so successful in Europe now: "The wave of refugees is hitting all the societies whose multiculti policies have failed just as their assimilation policies have. This is increasing the fears of the local populations that they will lose their jobs, religion and culture. The leftist movement, however, is not reacting to this insecurity and climate of fear which affects above all those with jobs. The right-wing populist parties, on the other hand, are promising to maintain industry, higher minimum wages, earlier pensions and to restore the welfare state. They are responding to these fears. But at the same time these parties are turning the promises into a racist, xenophobic and - as far as religion is concerned - fascist ideology. Fascism is not yet taking power in the countries of the West. But what about the day after tomorrow?"

Cumhuriyet - Turkey | 25/08/2014

IS suits the US's purposes

The terrorist militia Islamic State provides US President Barack Obama with an opportunity to once more call the shots in the Middle East, journalist Ergin Yıldızoğlu writes in the Kemalist daily Cumhuriet, speculating about connections with the financing of the self-appointed caliphate: "I'm not saying that the IS is an American invention, but it does give me pause for thought that Qatar, where the US regional command for the Middle East is stationed, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enjoys the protection of the US, are considered the chief backers of the IS. And that Nato member Turkey, which hosts important military bases and whose economy is dependent on foreign money, allows IS activists from Europe to pass through its territory. ... The IS poses a threat to both the Sunni and the Shiite states in the region, however no one can oppose it on their own without further destroying the regional balance and endangering their own position. But the US now has the chance to use its adequate military means and its alliances with these countries to cast itself as the moderator and balancing force that drives back the IS."

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