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Yifan, Ding

Ding Yifan is deputy director of the Institute of World Development, under the State Council's Development Research Center. He is vice-chairman of the China society for world economics, vice-chairman of the China society for France studies, member of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, member of China's economic and social council, member of Chinese Association for International Understanding

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Global Times China - China | 16/11/2014

Global perspectives: China is Russia's lifebuoy

While European sanctions aim at isolating Russia, China has strengthened trade relations with the country and signed numerous new financial, trade and energy agreements with Moscow in October. For the state-run Chinese daily Global Times, both sides stand to benefit from the Chinese investments: "Russia is a strategic collaborative partner of China and naturally deserves China's help. In the international landscape, China is under a lot of strategic pressure and needs to stabilize its strategic partner to share the burden. ... When some eurozone countries were disturbed by the sovereign debt crisis, it was China that acquired their bonds to help stabilize their markets. However, in the aftermath of the crisis when these bonds appreciated dramatically, some Western investors even came to China in hope of buying back the bonds that they had tried hard to avoid. ... Such is the case with China's investment in Russia, as it will definitely appreciate when the Russian economy has passed through its difficulties."

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