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Yalçın, Soner

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Sözcü - Turkey | 02/12/2015

Russia calls Turkey's borders into question

The Turkish region of Hatay over which the Russian fighter jet was shot down was handed over to Ankara in 1939 by the French Mandate, but Syria has laid claim to it ever since. Moscow has now once again put the issue on the table, the Kemalist daily Sözcü admonishes: "Ankara continues to speak of rules of engagement and border violations, but Russia doesn't accept all that. Now the real issue has come to light. Russia says: what borders are you talking about? Is Russia justified in bringing up this issue, or not? We should take a look at our borders. Are they clearly defined? Are the borders we lay claim to even recorded in international agreements? No. ... And you still go on talking of 'rules of engagement' and 'our borders'. And now we have reached a point where we're quarrelling with Russia over our border with Syria."

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