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Yaşar, Süleyman

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Taraf - Turkey | 27/08/2015

Turkey should rely on the EU rather than China

The crisis in China shows the difficulties that the rising economic power is experiencing, according to the liberal daily Taraf, which suggests that Turkey should realign its priorities in its trade relationships: "Recently, high-ranking AKP politicians have been suggesting that we bid farewell to the EU and join the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation. The latest developments make it clear, however, that Shanghai cannot really be trusted. During the recent crisis the EU and its currency have once again become a safe haven. For this reason, it is advantageous for Turkey to create close ties to the EU. 43% of Turkey's exports and 37% of its imports are generated by trade with the EU. Only 7% of our exports and 25% of our imports come through trade with Asia, not counting the Middle East. This indicates a clearly negative trade balance. In such a situation, it is only sensible to give up dreams and face reality."

Taraf - Turkey | 20/05/2014

EU regulations save lives in coal mines

According to figures put out by the World Coal Association, Turkey, Poland and Greece produced almost equal amounts of brown coal in 2012, extracting 66, 64 and 62 million tons respectively. For the liberal daily Taraf these figures show that the frequency of accidents like that in Soma last week has nothing to do with how much coal is mined but depends on occupational safety regulations: "When the state effectively monitors coal production, the number of accidents goes down. Even when a mine is privatised it doesn't mean the state is no longer responsible. ... In short, Greece and Poland produce almost exactly as much brown coal as Turkey, but they don't have such accidents there. The reason is that they abide by EU regulations on occupational safety. And even if Turkey is not a full member of the EU, it is a member of the Customs Union. Yet it still avoids applying these regulations, and that's precisely the problem."

Sabah - Turkey | 18/10/2013

EU Progress Report unfair to Turkey

The EU Commission presented its most recent progress report on Turkey and other accession candidates on Tuesday. The pro-government daily Sabah is annoyed at the passages on Turkey's economic development and refutes accusations that privatisations are proceeding at a sluggish pace: "The first nine months of this year saw a record level of privatisations, totalling 10.6 billion dollars. If the authors of the report also looked at other countries they'd have to ask if Turkey has really been as unsuccessful at privatising as Greece, Poland, Romania, Spain, Ireland, Portugal or France. It hasn't, on the contrary: despite the global drop in growth and the uncertainty on the financial markets, no country has privatised as much as Turkey."

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