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Świetlik, Wiktor

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Polska - Poland | 16/02/2009

EURO 2012 in Poland and Germany?

The daily Polska comments on a possible scenario whereby Germany and Poland could jointly host the European Football Championship in 2012, in case Ukraine drops out as a result of the economic crisis. And UEFA is also keeping England as an understudy in case Poland throws in the towel too: "The French writer and illustrator Roland Topor once said he would rather drink than do sport. In 2012 we will have no choice at all if at that time the chairman of the Polish Football Association PZPN, the minister of sport and someone from the president's office fold their hands and explain that they are terribly sorry, but that they wish all the best for the opening ceremonies at the Wembley Stadium. ... Things that Poland cannot change can have a huge influence on us. That's how it is with Ukraine, which is sinking in the maelstrom of political chaos and economic crisis."

Polska - Poland | 05/01/2009

Wiktor Świetlik's "non-wishes" for the New Year

In the daily Polska Wiktor Świetlik puts a few thoughts on the new year to his readers: "I would like to express a few political 'non-wishes' for the coming year. St. Augustine once said that where there is no good, there is evil. If this is true, then the fulfilment of these 'non-wishes' would lead to their coming true. So I wish for your sake that there may be no struggle over ... who is the most intelligent of the intelligent and who is the most European of the Europeans ... I wish for 'retro-style' policies. Policies shaped by both emotion and reason. Policies from the times when the US candidates for the office of president, governor or sheriff gave logical answers to the logical questions of voters in order to convince them of the best course of action."

Polska - Poland | 19/03/2008

EU Reform Treaty facing rejection in Poland

Polish President Lech Kaczynski (PiS) has escalated the dispute over the EU treaty by announcing that he is prepared to sign his own ratification law, but not that of the Polish government. In a televised speech he also announced he would defend the "accepted system of morals in Poland" against the EU's fundamental rights charter, which permits, among other things, same-sex marriages. Head of government Donald Tusk (PO) has now held out the prospect of a referendum on the treaty. Wiktor Świetlik comments: "The major mistake was to reject a referendum. Tusk's explanation that such a referendum would be pointless because no one would read the treaty anyway can be interpreted in two different ways: either he's adopting the arrogant-politician-stance or we're facing a terrible state of confusion here. In that case it's all the more vital that we hold a referendum. It would allow both sides to explain what the treaty is about."

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