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Świdlicki, Paweł

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 23/11/2012

British not only ones to blame for failure

The negotiations on the pluriannual financial framework are proving difficult not just because of the British veto threat but also the blockade stance of other coutries, Paweł Świdlicki of investment institute Open Finance stresses in the liberal dail Gazeta Wyborcza: "These negotiations are important for the UK. It is dissatisfied with relations between London and Brussels. ... A British veto against the budget is without doubt a danger. But let us bear in mind that not only Britain has talked of a veto. We estimate that eleven states are toying with the idea of blocking the budget. Britain is just one of them. It's difficult to tell whether the British will actually make use of their veto. Van Rompuy's most recent proposal is certainly to the advantage of the British. ... But they won't like the changes to the British rebate. According to the proposal it would be reduced by a billion. Cameron most likely won't be able to accept that."

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