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Weiss, Lisa

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Deutschlandfunk - Germany | 09/04/2014

European quotas for refugees needed

Around 4,000 refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean have been picked up by the Italian navy and trading vessels between Monday and Wednesday of this week. They were rescued from boats, some of which were unseaworthy. In view of the heavy burden this puts on countries like Italy, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk calls for a fairer European refugee policy: "For example measures could be taken to ensure that refugees are distributed evenly across Europe, regardless of their point of arrival - establishing a quota like we have in Germany for distribution among the different federal states. And the problem also needs to be tackled at its root. That means for example extending the intake programmes that have been set up for Syrian refugees, so that people who have had to flee their home country to escape persecution or war can come to Europe through legal channels without putting their lives in danger or having to pay smugglers. This takes time, for sure. But there is one thing the EU could do today far more clearly than it has in the past: remind Italy that is must finally take decent care of its refugees."

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