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Weder, Rolf

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 30/06/2015

Monetary union obsolete

Europe must scrap the monetary union entirely, write the Basel-based economists Lukas Hohl and Rolf Weder in the liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung, describing this as the only logical consequence of the looming Grexit: "The US economist Paul Krugman sounds cynical when he writes that the 'real risk for the euro' is that Greece recovers one or two years after exiting the union, setting a positive example that others would follow. We see it as problematic to conclude from this that Greece should be kept in the single currency at any cost. If we believe that the monetary union limits the development potential of countries like Greece, then we must support the Grexit and the long-term dissolution or re-dimensioning of the EMU. … If the euro is not good for the EU or Europe we must start thinking about how to get rid of it."

Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | 31/01/2012

Rolf Weder on economics as a scapegoat

The participants at the World Economic Forum in Davos devoted part of their discussions to the question of whether the science of economics has played a part in the current economic crisis. But instead of pinning the blame on faulty economic analyses politicians should first tidy up their own back yards, writes economist Rolf Weder in the conservative Basler Zeitung: "For years economists have been pointing out that where property rights are lacking, such as with globally owned goods like the world's oceans and climate, the market cannot function correctly. And so economists have constantly admonished politicians to introduce rules on a global level. For their part, however, the politicians have done just the opposite. In this way the global fishing industries have been subsidised with billions upon billions, rather than being taxed so as to prevent the over-fishing of the oceans. In my view the ladies and gentlemen present at Davos should devote much more of their time to such matters, rather than eternally discussing the role of our discipline in the debt and euro crisis."

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