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Votzi, Josef

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Kurier - Austria | 02/09/2015

Austrians showing their best side

Many refugees enter Austria on their way from Hungary to Germany or beyond. Austria's reaction to the newcomers is exemplary, writes the liberal daily Kurier: "At Vienna's Westbahnhof train station residents of the city spontaneously emptied supermarket shelves to provide newly arrived refugees with the basics. A supermarket distributed a whole lorry full of goods to the refugees for free. [Railway company] ÖBB and the police are pragmatically dispensing with a lot of the red tape. A Facebook appeal got 20,000 people on to the streets to protest for more compassion. Private cars loaded with relief aid pull up every day outside [the refugee centre] in Traiskirchen. In many places relief campaigns are springing up: help rather than incite hatred; improvise rather than complain; treat refugees as equals rather than look down on them. … A great wave of support is spreading through Austria. This small country is on its best behaviour."

Kurier - Austria | 21/12/2009

Vienna lecture hall cleared but dissatisfaction remains

Austrian police cleared the main lecture hall of the University of Vienna on Monday morning, which had been occupied by students for the last two months. But the students' demands have not yet been met, writes the daily Kurier: "Like the lecture hall, the new student movement has only been 'provisionally closed'. University rectors and professors are right to be surprised that the students have remained silent for so long. Surveys show their demands have been greeted with much sympathy, and after the pre-Christmas clearing of the lecture hall they now lie under the politicians' Christmas tree: insufferably crowded lecture rooms, hopelessly overloaded study plans and the duplicitous talk of a 'right to education' for all. The occupation of the main lecture hall is over. The students' dissatisfaction at the minimal solutions that have been offered remains. Austrian People's Party chairman Josef Pröll must lose no time in assigning a new education minister, someone who can come up with a better idea than a dialogue that will go on until kingdom come."

Kurier - Austria | 14/10/2009

Austria's free universities are a farce

The abolishment of tuition fees in Austria in 2008 has backfired a year later, the daily Kurier contends: "Austria's students are saving 364 euros per semester and must now fight harder than ever over every free place in the laboratories and lecture halls. Austria's free universities are acting like a magnet for German students who fail the selection procedures back home. The political ideal of 'free university admission' for everyone who wants to study is basically a total farce. The losers are the students who have been freed of the yoke of fees. The [Austrian Socialist Party] SPÖ will no longer be able to avoid a new debate about fees (with mitigating grants) and EU-compatible admission procedures - unless it finally re-baptises itself as 'Austria's Senior Citizens' Party'."

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