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Vokáč, Luděk

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 09/12/2015

Sale of Skoda to VW was wise move

Twenty-five years ago today the government in Prague decided to sell the indebted car company Škoda to Volkswagen. The decision marked the beginning of a success story, the conservative daily Lidové noviny observes: "The privatisation of the automotive plant in Mladá Boleslav clearly represents the country's biggest business success after the 1989 revolution. It not only enabled us to safeguard car manufacturing in our country. Far more importantly, it made the Czech Republic a big player in the automotive sector. If Škoda had been a failure the extensive Czech automotive supply industry could never have developed. What's more, other carmakers would never have set up in our country. ... Things may have developed quite differently if then finance minister Václav Klaus had had his way. Tatra and Liaz are just two victims of his privatisation policy. VW was the best possible partner - and that despite the problems it is now encountering with Dieselgate."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 29/09/2015

Škoda could save Volkswagen in the US

The emissions scandal will leave VW facing serious problems on the US market. The company should therefore radically change its strategy, the conservative daily Lidové noviny proposes: "Volkswagen could send its Czech subsidiary Škoda into the fray. For strategic reasons the Czech car brand hasn't been sold on the other side of the Atlantic so far: VW didn't want Škoda competing with its own cars over there. But now the American customers have written off VW cars. So why not try it with another brand? And Škoda produces exactly the type of car Americans love: cheap, practical and spacious. When the 2008 Ice Hockey World Championship took place in Canada with Škoda as the main sponsor, the spectators were very impressed with the models from this 'exotic' brand that were on show in the stadiums there."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 27/04/2015

VW patriarch gambled away his position

The chairman of the Supervisory Board of German car maker Volkswagen, Ferdinand Piëch, announced his immediate resignation on the weekend. Piëch overestimated his clout in the power struggle with VW's CEO Martin Winterkorn, the conservative daily Lidové noviny writes: "The flack that Piëch had to put up with was enormous. The Supervisory Board sided with Winterkorn. Despite his extremely strong position, Piëch had no more arms at his disposal to counter the unexpectedly strong resistance. However, the present discord is in fact difficult to understand. The company is currently experiencing the best period in its history. Admittedly, Piëch is known not only for his perfectionism but also for his despotism. ... Perhaps the long-term strategist's official resignation will mark the start of harder times for the group. Certainly, at 78 Piëch is perfectly entitled to retire, although only a few years ago he said that he would only leave VW when he died. Be that as it may, he still remains the patriarch of a clan that owns the majority of the company's shares."

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