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Švihel, Petr

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 18/04/2012

Import ban on Polish food legitimate

Czech Agricultural Minister Petr Bendl wants to go through the EU to stop imports of Polish foodstuffs, due to allegations that Polish food producers have used industrial salts in their products. Warsaw has refused to provide Prague with a list of the products in question and maintains that the Czech Republic is merely seeking to damage its reputation. The conservative daily Lidové noviny finds Poland's attitude "incredibly arrogant": "While Poland is removing tons of food products from its own market, other countries are not being allowed to do so. It is entirely  legitimate to want to protect the health of Czech citizens by banning the import of these Polish foods and their additives. Agricultural Minister Bendl wants to negotiate this right in the EU, while his Polish colleague says that is unrealistic. He forgets, however, that we consumers are the ones who will continue to purchase these items or not, as the case may be. Experiences like this teach us to give temptingly cheap Polish food products a wide berth."

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