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Vaxevanis, Kostas

To Kouti tis Pandoras, Greece

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El Huffington Post - Spain | 09/04/2013

Kostas Vaxevanis on the economic war in southern Europe

On Sunday, Greek journalist Kostas Vaxevanis was awarded the Julio Anguita Parrado prize for journalism in Córdoba in southern Spain. In his speech of thanks published in the left-liberal online paper Huffington Post he accuses German banks and businesses of waging an economic war in southern Europe: "Southern Europe is drowning in the crisis while Germany reels in the profits because southern Europe is buying German weapons, German cars and French technology. It was easy to get the loans for this because they were offered by the same  bankers who want to punish southern Europe today. .. We are in living in an economic war. On one side are those who believe that the economy and the banks should control politics and people's lives. On the other side are those who want the opposite, that people's lives should determine the economy. People's lives cannot be held hostage by the markets. We cannot focus on saving numbers while people are dying. Europe is not what Frau Merkel or the skyscrapers in the City of London dream of. Europe is Greek and Spanish culture, Italian music and contemporary French philosophy."

Kouti tis Pandoras - Greece | 09/05/2012

Who's afraid of left-wing spectres

According to the most recent surveys the leftist alliance Syriza would emerge the strongest party from fresh elections. On the web portal To Kouti tis Pandoras, blogger Kostas Vaxevanis says he can't understand why people are so afraid of a left-wing government in Greece: "A spectre is haunting Europe. … The ghost of Alexis Tsipras. For all those who haven't understood yet: all Europe is in peril if Tsipras comes into power. And everything our government has so carefully constructed will collapse. … But seriously now, the situation is pretty chaotic. It has been for three years because of the harsh austerity policy. … I'm not trying to defend Tsipras, or Kouvelis, or Kammenos [left- and right-wing leaders who reject the austerity policy]. I simply find it embarrassing for our democracy when - as back in the 1950s - everyone fears that the communists will take away our property and women. … I don't know whether or how Tsipras would govern. But both I and everyone else know exactly how the other politicians governed."

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